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A Contractors Guide to Higher Profits and Less Chaos:

How to Serve More Customers with Ease, Stop the Profit Leaks, And Stand Out in Your Industry

Can you imagine a day where you’re free from the overwhelm

of keeping up with the demands of the business?

You started out to earn money doing what you enjoy and what you’re good at…

But the reality of how much time and energy it takes to handle the business side of things

is agonizing!  Any amount of time you spend is never enough, because

you can only tackle what you can at the end of a long day,

 when you’re completely exhausted!

At this point, you just want a hot shower, a cold beer,

and a warm meal with your family……. right??

Here’s the solution:

Contractor Clean-up (Phase 1)

Not being able to keep up with the tedious paperwork of insurance renewals, worker’s comp audits, DOT compliance, taxes, vehicle registrations, paying bills, sending estimates and invoices, etc…only means you’re getting further and further behind.  The pile is getting higher and higher, and you don’t know how to dig yourself out.

Ignoring it adds more to the stress that’s already taking a toll on you, your family, and your business.

The Contractor Clean-up phase of our services allows us to dig into your business and clean it all up. We get you caught up and organized so you won’t have to function from a place of chaos.

The good part of cleaning up the mess and building a solid business foundation, is that it creates room for growth (Phase 2).

Design, Build & Grow (Phase 2)

If you have a hard time keeping your schedule full and have cash flow issues come time for payroll, it’s time to build a concrete plan that will get you more customers.

You might need to hire quality workers to handle more jobs, prevent the mistakes that are taking from your profits, and remove other obstacles that keep you stuck.

It could be a huge relief if you had someone you could trust who could take calls and talk with your customers to keep them happy, and even order supplies and communicate with your vendors.

Whatever your needs are, we have the secret sauce to take the good thing you’ve already got going on and turn it into an unstoppable profit machine!

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