Are you Risking Your Business??? Job Costing Can Save You!

Job Costing is Easier than You Think

You know how much you charged your customer for that job you just completed. 

But how much did the job cost you?

That question is tricky for many business owners to answer. 

Often, you wait until the end of the year to see how your business did for the year. If you lost money, you have no idea which jobs cost you, therefore how can you “fix” the leak and who wants to wait the entire year to make those changes and lose even more profit during the year??

Waiting until the end of the year is costing you!! 

When you do this, you’re losing money or maybe even leaving money on the table. 

In other words, by putting job costing off you are risking your entire business. 

A Better Way to Track Job Cost

Job costing entails comparing your estimate to the materials and labor spent on a job. This lets you see how accurate your estimate was. Did you go over? Were you under? Were you accurate? Did you blow it on labor? Did the GC add work that you forgot to submit a change order on? Did you underbid the job and lose your butt on supplies and material? 

There’s no excuse for not job costing after each job.  If you went over, you adjust bids moving forward.

You can also correct errors in real-time instead of waiting until year-end to realize you have lost your butt.

Using specific software for contractors is a handy tool that makes job costing easy for you.

However, hiring Precision Contractor Solutions to manage job costing is an even easier option.

We can help you with job costing on every job so you can adjust future bids to prevent those mistakes moving forward so that at the end of the year you know you controlled your process.

PCS can manage your payments and estimates to make sure you’re charging enough to make a healthy profit on every job. 

Contact us to learn more.


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