just a few WAYS WE CAN HELP…

We wear many hats!

Business Growth:
Need More Projects?

We have the knowledge and experience to create a business growth & marketing strategy that will genuinely reach people who need your services.

– Websites

– Google Listings

– Social Media Management

– Direct Mail (yes, Direct Mail)

– Networking

– Brochures/Business cards

– Marketing & Advertising

– Government Job Access

– Bidding Government Jobs

– Labor Solutions

– H2B VISA Program






Payroll, Bookkeeping, & Tax Solutions

Know where your profit leaks are through job costing and understanding your numbers. That way you can steer your business toward growth and profitability!

– Tax Preparation

– Payroll

– Bookkeeping & Accounting

– Billing/Invoicing

– Collections, etc.

– Establishing Vendor

Credit Accounts

Can you imagine being  prepared for tax season at all times? Yes, it’s possible!

BTW – You’ll never have to deal with a Worker’s Comp audit again.

Customer & Vendor Relations

Staying connected to your prospects and customers keeps everything flowing, everyone informed, and on the same page.  This way there’s less chaos, and you don’t leave people hanging or leave money on the table.

– Customer Relations

– Phone calls & Emails

– Vendor Communications

– Sales Calls

– Follow-ups

– Answering questions

– Problem-Solving &


Now that we’ve established accounts with your vendors, keeping positive connections eliminates or repairs burned bridges.

(Yes, we send out Christmas Cards! )

Want Help with
Your Daily Operations?

The list is never-ending. Get all your daily tasks handled so your business can thrive!

– Scheduling

– Estimating

– Equipment Management

– Parts Ordering

– Ordering Supplies

– Email Management

– Project Management

– Employee & Worker 


– Worker’s Comp Audits

– DOT Compliance

– Keeping you Insured

– Creating Systems

– Documenting Processes

No more dealing with the stress and chaos that unprepared deadlines cause you. We are always prepared.

Are you A Veteran or Minority Owned Business???

Let PCS introduce you to the perks you may be missing out on!!

Tax Incentives

Government Contracts

Assistance with Bidding

Business Loan Opportunities

Business Development

Labor problems?

Constant issues in the field can really handcuff you as a owner.

Tired of feeling held hostage by your crew because you know you can’t find

quality labor?


One of our qualified Business Managers can assist you with the ins and outs of applying for the H2B Visa program. 

Let PCS get to work for you!

we can answer all your questions 

don’t see what you need?

We listed a few examples of the things we can handle, but we also think outside the box and ready to be challenged.

Go ahead and call us if you have a task that did not make the list!


We will find a complete solution for you.